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Today my brother reminded me that I used to play a video game with crocodiles and eggs when I was a kid. I'd completely forgotten that but some visuals came back when he mentioned it. We couldn't remember anything else about it though so we supposed this was a very old game, probably one I had on the original Game Boy. Google gave us nothing until I suddenly remembered it was a pinball game. And there you go: Revenge of the Gator, released in 1990. I was so bad at this it's no surprise it was tucked away in a little corner of my mind. Oddly enough we both remembered it as a colored game although we didn't have any when we were children.

What about you? Any forgotten games in that brain of yours? :)
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Come and join me at [community profile] earth_final_conflict

 photo EFC_Logo_zpskopvnkxa.jpg

This fandom is old and pretty much dead, but I still love the show and just started re-watching again.

Fics, recs, icons, general discussion, meta, news, questions, squee - any content related to the show is welcome here. You are welcome to re-post older entries (e.g. from other journaling sites) as well.


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